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36-inch Folding Pet Grooming Table with Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Frame and Foldable Design for Cats and Dogs - Ideal for Kitten Decoration

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Our pet grooming table is designed to make grooming your furry friends a breeze!

One of the standout features of our product is the clamp-on adjustable grooming arm, which allows you to securely restrain your pet during grooming. Additionally, the included security nylon loop provides extra peace of mind while you work.

Not only is our product functional, but it is also designed with safety in mind. The table is rubber surfaced, ensuring that your pet won't slip or slide around during grooming sessions. This is especially important for younger or more nervous pets.

Our pet grooming table is also collapsible and easy to assemble, making it convenient for both use and storage. And with its adjustable height, you can easily reach your pet for bathing, trimming, drying, grooming, or any other task you need to complete.

Finally, the board is waterproof and stable, making it easy to wipe down and clean after each use. Say goodbye to messy, hard-to-clean grooming tables, and hello to easy, stress-free grooming with our pet grooming table!


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